If you are organising a hen party, baby shower, Christmas party, sports and social, communion, confirmation or a big birthday party why not consider a selfie mirror?

Our Selfie Mirror is called ‘Party Mirror’. Party Mirror is a funtastic alternative to the traditional Photo Booth. Its loved by both kids and adults! We make your event fun and unforgettable! Customise your photos with your very own signature or finish off your creation with a super cute emoiji.


We also cater for weddings. Go to our Wedding Hub section or click here to see our wedding services and packages.

  1. The reflective touch screen looks like a mirror
  2. A friendly attendant will guide the user
  3. Touch screen will activate the camera
  4. The screen gives the user a count down 5,4,3,2,1….time to strike a pose!
  5. The hidden camera flashes behind the mirror
  6. Option to sign the photo
  7. Everyone receives an instant branded print!
  8. Lots of options: 1 or 3 shots per photo, multiple prints and borders.

Are you organising a hen party, baby shower, an anniversary, Christmas party, sports and social, communion, confirmation, or a big birthday party? Check out our event packages.


Hen Parties, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Communion & Confirmations

More options available by emailing thepartymirror@gmail.com


Corporate or Private; add some selfie fun and capture the moment over the festive season.

Check availability for your Christmas party by emailing thepartymirror@gmail.com