1. The reflective touch screen looks like a mirror
  2. A friendly attendant will guide the user
  3. Touch screen will activate the camera
  4. The screen gives the user a count down 5,4,3,2,1….time to strike a pose!
  5. The hidden camera flashes behind the mirror
  6. Option to sign the photo
  7. Everyone receives an instant branded print!
  8. Lots of options: 1 or 3 shots per photo, multiple prints and borders.
  • ​Unlimited usage of the Party Mirror.
  • Select Single Photo or Multiple Shots.
  • Everyone gets a copy of their photograph.
  • ​High quality 6X4 photo prints in seconds.
  • ​You can customise your print; choice of border, your own signature, logo, a thank you note…. you decide.
  • A box of props.
  • Option to upload the images onto our Facebook page for guests to tag and share.
  • A professional, enthusiastic and friendly attendant to help your guests get the most out of their Party Mirror experience.
  • ** Travel Charge may apply
  • Choose a backdrop to suit your occasion.
  • Guest Book with photos.
  • Memory box with photos.
  • Customised props.
  • Digital Seating Plan for Weddings.